Terms and Conditions

By clicking this box I am waiving all my rights and assume full responsibility for anything related to the Cheeracro™ Weber State  Winter Stunt and Acro Fest. I confirm that the participant is covered by their own Medical and Dental Insurance and will maintain coverage during the Cheeracro™ Weber State Winter Stunt and Acro Fest effectively covering any costs incurred as a result of participation in said event. I acknowledge the potential risk of injury related to physical activity associated with participation in the Cheeracro™ Weber State Winter Stunt & Acro Fest. The University, squad advisor, coach and instructors in conjunction with anyone associated with Cheeracro™ will not be held liable for any injuries or claims that may occur or may result from the event. Further, I or my legal guardian will be required to sign a hard copy release form and waiver prior participation in the event.

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